Medium Breeds (up to 55 lbs.): Large 150 lbs

The pet step models, for medium to large dogs, have been developed over the past 13 years. We have never had any of these dog stairs models returned. We worked closely, with our customers ,to find just the right dimensions, that would help their dogs climb high onto furniture. We have several pet steps for tall beds. If you have a special need, please contact us, to discuss what we can do to make you dog's life more comfortable. Judy & Co

. We have designed  these medium and large dog models for 2 Leonberger dogs; Portuguese Water dog; BullMastif, Beagle.

All can be shipped via FedEx oversize 3. The size of the 3 steps and 4 steps  are the size of a double dresser (in your bedroom). You are purchasing a piece of furniture for you dog.

Feedback from our customers, who have our pet steps ,tell us that they still look as good as as new! An occasional vacuuming, or damp sponge and foam cleaner. is all that is necessary.

Our customers' feedback has been 99-3/4% positive, since we our Pet Steps in 2003. In fact we have never received a bad review. Our team,at Schotzie PetSteps, takes great pride in the products that we produce.