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Our customers' feedback has been 99-3/4% positive, since we began building, our Pet Steps in 2003. In fact we have never received a bad review. Our team,at Schotzie PetSteps, takes great pride in the products that we produce.


Hi Judy, Thank you for answering all my email questions. I received the 4 step folding model last Saturday. Sunday, Mitzi and I practiced off and on all day with lots of treats. She was scared at first since she has never used steps. If your steps would have wobbled I doubt if I would have been able to get her to use them. They are built very sturdy and she took to them quickly. It took three nights to get Mitzi in the habit of using the steps instead of waking me up to lift her in bed. I can't believe I waited 4 years to solve that problem. Please thank all involved with the steps. Good Job! I am sending pictures of my happy baby. Mitzi's photo, on her new steps, is now a model. Check out folding Pet Steps.


Received Pet steps. They are great. It arrived on my dogs birthday. He thinks it is the greatest present ever. What Freedom!! My other maltese is still cautious and wants nothing to do with it. But I'm sure she'll come around in a few days. Thanks for making our home comfortable for all of us.

Hilda Mann

We received our pet step yesterday. Our Yorkie Magoo loves it! He didn't need any coaxing at all. He goes up and down it just fine. This will really save on his little joints. Thank you very much.


Hi Judy! We all wanted to thank you for the gorgeous steps you made for our little Muffin! She loves them and it's a blessing to see that she isn't struggling anymore getting up to the bed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Excellent product, and outstanding service by you, much appreciated!!

Donna, Jerry, Tony and Andy

Hi Judy, Thanks for you email. They did arrive and they are FABULOUS! Great workmanship. Great fabric. Even look good with my mid-century modern/contemporary decor. And most importantly, it only took Bodhi (My 3-year old, 60lb Portuguese Water Dog) about 2 minutes with treats to figure out they were easier on his joints than jumping onto the hardwood floor. He doesn't always use them to get onto the bed but he always uses them to get down which is what I really, really needed. So I'd say, well worth the money. Thank you so much. If anyone ever asks me about Pet Steps, I will be sure to send them your way. Oh, and please feel free, if you are looking for testimonials, to include mine.

Susan Goddard

Judy, Thank you for the Pet Steps. They are just lovely. We are very happy with them.

P. Pickette

Dear Judy, Lucy the Min Pin loves her new pet steps. Thanks for a great job! Steven and Leslie Plaskin Lucy's picture is on "Happy Customer" page

Steven and Leslie

Dear Judy, Received the steps yesterday for Tinkerbell. They are just beautiful. Being the pouty lil chihuahua she is, she wondered where all her pillows were and then ran up and down as often as she could, so she loves them. Maybe later, we'll get some for the den. Thanks for such a beautiful product.


I received the steps yesterday. I am VERY impressed. The steps are so good looking and they blend right in with my bedroom furniture. My 14 year old cat is very happy to be able to crawl into bed without assistance!!! Thank you very much and I will certainly recommend your product to friends!!! Colleen Hart; Bangor, Maine

Hi Judy, we received the pet stairs yesterday & it is beautiful. My guys new immediately how to use it & now they are able to access the couch on their own. I still have a lazy one who once in a while starts asking me to pick her up if I am laying on the couch. The material matches perfectly. It takes the different colors of the white veins of the marble floor. I am trying to catch them going up and down. Not an easy job to do with fast moving Chihuahuas. Thanks so much for your help and enthusiasm. You are very helpful. Maria.

Maria Klein

The pet stairs came yesterday and they are better looking in person than on your web site. They look like a beautiful piece of furniture and one that I am proud to display in my home. My little 3-legged cat took to them right away and was up and down them to the bed all night. Thanks so much for such a great product! LaRene Kuller


HI Judy The 2 packages arrived safely, they are beautiful. One of the 4 already has the hang of it! I will look forward to receiving the 6 step soon. Thanks very much! Lynne


Hi Judy, Thank you so much for my Petsteps! They match perfectly and Lil' Mama has taken to them immediately. She is pro, up and down, up and down. We love them!!! Best, Crystal Crystal on April 1, 2004 Bill on April 16, 2004

Thank you for the beautiful product. Koby's steps arrived today and we are trying to get him acquainted with them. They are exactly what we were looking for! Dennis Villano Dennis on April 9, 2004

Thank you Judy! I received the steps last week and Missy already loves them. She just runs up them and onto the bed however she still jumps down. She is so cute! Thanks for such a great product! Sandra Green

Sandra on April 12, 2004

Hello Judy: The stairs arrived in great shape and are beautiful. The fun now begins with training Rollie to use his new stairs. He is very aware of something "new" being in the house. You did a wonderful job on the stairs and the workmanship and detail is outstanding. Thanks again for a first class job.

Bill, Pat, and Rollie

No Problem. It took about 5 days to 1 week to get zachary to use the steps without trepidation. I put his treats ( he gets them at 8pm every night) on the steps to coax him to use them. He would go up the first two without taking his hind legs off of the floor to eat the treats. Then he would jump up on the bed and eat the treats off of the top two steps without taking his hind legs off of the bed. I also placed my night shirt on the steps during the day to get my scent on them. Well needless to say, he now goes up and down the steps like he has been using them for an eternity. No more grimacing meows from the pain in his hind legs (arthritis) when jumping off the bed. He never has to jump up and down again. My husband, Marcus and I thank you ever so much. I think that Zachary is extremely grateful to you and your husband also. I will send a picture soon. I have also given (today) the internet information and fabric swatches to a coworker for her to peruse. I think she is very interested in your product. Thanks again. Debi and Marcus and most of all, Zachary!

Deborah on April 21, 2004

Hi Judy: I received my pet stairs yesterday! They look so good and are perfect! I really like the black! Thank you very much! I think there great! Sincerely, Lindsey

Lindsey on April 24, 2004

Dear Judy, I thought I would enclose a picture of Felicity with my thank you. The stairs are absolutely perfect. It took one day for her to get use to them and now she uses any excuse to be on them. Sometimes when I’m in the bedroom, she’ll climb to top step and just sit there. It is so precious. How wonderful it is to have a good night’s rest without interruption. Thank you again. Kindest personal regards, Deb Cerbone

Deborah Cerbone on May 16, 2004

We were grateful to find these steps because I looked all over the place out here, I could find nothing that would work for "charlie" and I had lost any hope of finding anything so nice looking. We are really impressed with the quality. Take care. Liz Add her husband: For years we have been trying to train our little guy to climb up on the bed from odds and ends -- mismatched pieces and stacks of furniture -- and Liz finally went searching for you when I started carrying our ottoman upstairs to make a second step. Thanks again. Doug

Charlie's Family

Yahoo! The new smaller version 3 step just arrived. Judy, I can't tell you how gorgeous it is. This is my third purchase from you. Each time I'm so impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the beautiful fabric. Your pet steps look like beautiful furniture, so it's not embarrasing to keep them out when company's coming. Thank you so much for this product. I'll refer all my pet loving friends. Madelaine

Morning!!!! Just wanted to let you know, the steps are a BIG HIT!!!!!!!!!! Everybody can climb them, Annie slept in the bed last night and was just oh so proud of herself that she could get up there again! They are a little tall for Buddy, but he still has his own private ones. I LOVE the material, it blends really well and I don't think it will show dirt, either. Thank you ever so much for working with me on this and I will tell everybody how great these are!! One other question….. when we get these too dirty to clean anymore or heaven forbid, tear the material……. can I ship them back to be recovered?? Furry Hugs, Paulette & Company

Paulette on October 26, 2004

just wanted to say I got my petsteps and they are so nice! They look so good in my room. My puppy was a little scared at first, but he is starting to use them now. I will have to take a picture when I catch him on them. I am so glad I shopped around before purchasing. Everything I read in happy customers was so accurate. I will be recommending this site to my friends. Thanks Judy, you do an awsome job. Hopefully I can get a picture for you soon

Donna on November 9, 2004

Judy -- We love it! Thanks! Alexandra Alexandra on November 19, 2004

I got'em!!! They're B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!!!!! I love them. Wendy on November 19, 2004

Got the steps. Little Bear loves them. Thanks. on November 24, 2004 We got our "Annie" steps about a week ago and they are just perfect to allow our Golden Retriever to get up onto our high bed. Now she has the freedom to get on and off the bed by herself during the night if she gets too hot or needs a drink of water. The steps are wonderfully constructed and ivory chenille scroll design fabric is beautiful. What a wonderful invention.


Hello Judy, I just wanted to write to tell you how truly impressed I am with my steps. My dog, a Japanese Chin (kinda like Pekinese) named Elijah has already learned how to use them (just a slice of cheese in small pieces was all it took). They are just beautiful and the absolutely PERFECT size for what I needed. Also, I was quite impressed that you emailed me to let me know exactly the day they would be delivered. That was very helpful! I will certainly be reccomending your company to other friends of mine. Thanks so much and have a terrific weekend. A great picture of Elijah on "Happy Customer" page

Sincerely, Kelly

Judy-thank u, they are wonderful! Pam

Judy, I wish other businesses had the same high standards for customer satisfaction that you have for your company, I have placed two custom orders with you and it is rare to find a company that goes out of their way to make sure everything meets or exceeds their customer’s expectations. Judy, you and your company, go the extra “yard” to make sure that things are done correctly. I wish you and your company continued success. I would, without any hesitation, recommend your company for any project. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to the next time I can place an order with you. Sincerely, Dan Feder Minneapolis, MN

Sam is shown on "Happy Customers" page. He's the black poodle. Sam has 2 PetsSteps: one for the bedroom and one behind the sofa, to look out the window!

love these steps. They are just what I was looking for, and the fabric matches my décor perfectly. Thank you,


Hi Judy, Just wanted to let you know the pet steps arrived, they are wonderful, you guys do an amazing job, thanks so much.


Judy, I received "Phoebe's" steps Thursday and they are gorgeous!!!!!! I don't know who was more excited, Phoebe or ME! It's the perfect height and goes beautifully in my bedroom. Phoebe loves them and had no problem using them right away. Thanks for everything. I'll send you some pictures later on. Oh, an extra thanks for the doggie treats.....Phoebe liked them.


Hi Judy! Got the steps last week. They were packaged exceedingly well. Thank you!! It took Buddy a couple days and a lot of treats (and me moving the window box at the end of the bed), but he is zipping up and down the steps like there's not tomorrow. I've been trying to get a picture of him on them to e-mail you, but he zips up them so fast I can't click in time. I'm still hopeful. They are absolutely beautiful and now I don't have to worry about him jumping up and down and breaking a hip as he continues to get older. Buddy will be 10 in September and even though he is a silver poodle and has always looked "old", being a toy, he also looks like a puppy too. He's always had "puppy brains" (note the pooping inside when he feels like it), but he's smart when he wants to be. Again Judy, thank you so much. It was about double what I wanted to pay, but it is worth it I see now. Take care, Steff



"Hello, Judy, I ordered some pet steps from you for my little bichon (Asia). She loves them and so do I! I am very pleased with the quality of the steps. They are beautiful! Thanks, again


I just go my order and LOVE them! They are beautiful!! Thank you so much!


The 3 step PetsSteps I ordered arrived this past Friday. I'm sending this email to tell you that I am absolutely delighted with them! They are perfect for my 3 little doggies: Gracie, Tobi & Duffy. The medium brown velveteen fabric is also just right!

Thank you, again for answering all of my questions, when we talked , over the phone, and for mailing me the various samples.

May 9, 2010


  Just a quick note to say thank you for making such an excellent and beautifully made product. I was not sure what to expect,but what arrived was better than I imagined. Not only does it provide easy access for my (spoiled) little dog,but it also complements my home and looks like a luxury piece of furniture. Thank you for putting time and effort into your product and making a few lives happier and better!!!!.......A very satisfied customer


Hi Judy, We just received the steps...our yorkie Lexi loves them! Now she can get up on the bed! Thank you so much they are beautiful and very well made!

Mike Odell

Judy, My dogs and I were so excited when the Pet Steps came. I love my dogs so naturally their safety is the most important. The Pet Steps allow me peace of mind knowing they can climb up and down without harming their legs. The steps look great too. I've attached some photos Thank you Amber Boss and Bonny 6 Step See photo in Happy Customers









Amber on March 26, 2005 Dear Judy, We just received our 3-tier Pet Steps for our 11 1/2 year-old, 22lb cat named Mousey. We have a double-padded mattress and poor Mouse had been having trouble getting from the floor to the bed and would often have to claw his way up our comforter (he would always arrive with a sigh). When jumping down, it would be with a thud and a sad gruff that told us he needed help. He wasn't even leaving the bed much to come meet us at the door when we got home anymore. Well, we are so happy to say that the Pet Steps were the perfect solution! In just one night, Mouse was climbing up and down as though they were always there. And, hence his name, he doesn't get used to ANYTHING in a hurry, if ever. The treat-trick worked like a charm, and we praise him like proud parents every time he uses them. Thank you so much - we feel so much better knowing that we are saving his hips and any other discomfort that comes with old age and being overweight. But, as you can see from the attached photo, he is HUGE, pratically barrels-over the middle step. He's just a big kid. We love him so much, though. Thanks again for a wonderful, well-made and thoughtful product.

Mousey's photo is on Happy Customers' page -

The Martin, FL Click on "Happy Customers" to see Mousey! Michelle & Ty on April 8, 2005 on

I just wanted to say I just received the custom pet stairs and can't believe how  nice they are and solild! I ran home at lunch, as I had seen Fedex left them on my step. Lola is a doggie daycare, but I have them all set us for when I pick her up after work.

Thanks, again, for everything and will let you know

Carla Jones

Hi Judy,

I just wanted to let you know my little dachshund, Sandy, is now flying up and down her recently acquired pet stairs. What a difference in her life they have made! The bed is clearly her favorite place in the house.

I think the most fun is watching how she thinks and seeing her fulfill her own desires to go where she pleases. She climbs up and down on the bed at least 20 times a day to play and nap. You are so wonderful for putting them together. They are so beautiful and so well made. We just love them!

Thank you again.



David Bachetti

HI, Judy,

I just wanted to say I just received the custom pet stairs and can't believe how nlice they are, and solid! I ran home at lunch as I had seen FedEx  left them on my step. Lola is at doggie daycare, but, I have them all set up for when I pick her up after work.

Carla Jones, Alberts, CA


The PetsSteps did arrive. They look terrific! You did a beautiful job upholstering them.Even better, Sadie took to them like a duck to water. She needed a little enticement at first (with treats), but then desire to be on the bed overtook her. I will definitely recommend your steps to anyone who has a similar need.

Thanks again. These are far superior to the little pet steps that you can get at Walmart that aren't even hilgh enough.



Just received the stairs. They are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for your expediting our order. You are a very kind and generous soul and I realy do not know how to adequately thank you.


Well, I finally got Jazz groomed so I can send you a pic of her on the bed with the new pet steps. She finally figured them out, but, still has trouble going down in the dark. I love the new steps more than she does I guess. They are so beautiful and we are using the old set in the guest bedroom. My dogs spoiled? No way.


 Hello, Judy,

I have not spoken to you in years. But, I still have all of the many doggy steps, I've bought from you, in the past.

Well believe it or not I'm in need of yet another pet step! This time it is for a tiny pet. I have a teacup yorkie and am getting a mini pig. So the steps can't be higher than 4 inches ( maybe, even less, and should top out as short as 22" tall to 24' tall. Since my golden retriever will also have to use these small steps, it should be 16" wide,(not 12")



Judy Judy Judy!
Just received my new pet steps ... and my dear you have completely out done yourself.  I have pet steps in most of my rooms, and this is without a doubt the most beautiful one yet!  I love the coordinating side/back fabric with the main palms.
As always, I appreciate all the effort that went in to making such a beautiful piece of furniture.
Thank you again,


 Hello, Judy,


The 3 step PetsSteps I ordered this past Friday. I'm sending this email to tell you that I am absolutely delighted with them. They are perfect for my three little doggies: Gracie, Tobi & Duffy. The medium brown velveteen fabric is also just right!. Thank you, again, for answering all of my questios when we talked over the phone and for mailling me the various samples.




Just wanted to let you know that we got the steps a few days ago. They are great - very strudy and great looking. I was a little concerned, at first, that my dog wouldn't use them, but, once he tried them a couple of times, he has been using them exclusively. Thank you for a great product.