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Karla Bos and Mark Schofield purchased a 28 inches high by 14 inches wide Schotie Pet Step, in June 2008, for their 4 dogs. Cocoa is the smallest of the 4; pure Chihuahua, turned 13 years old in July 2008 (left) Karla: I thought you would enjoy seeing some of the steps in use. The steps look lovely in our bedroom. The upholstery fabric was just smooth enough that our dogs remained very nervous about using the steps until we added some thin carpet to the treads. I still think it looks gorgeous and the dogs fly up and down like they've been using it for years!
Barley is a carmel/Jack Russell/Chihuahua, who turned 10 years old, in June 2008
Domino is a black and white Jack Russell/Chihuahua. He is Barkley's brother, who is smalller, and looks more Chihuahua
Last, but, not leaset is Trina. She is their rescue dog. She is a Chiweenie (Chihuahua/ Dachshund) with white spots. She is the youngest, at 5 years old, but, she has back issues, so, the steps are great! Judy: Thank you so much for sharing your photos and family with us. Your patience paid off, and using the thin carpet was a great idea. (sometimes pets, especially older ones, can be more timid at trying something new. While we try to choose our fabric (over 100 in-stock) carefully, pets have a mind of their own.
Judy, I received my Pet Stairs Tuesday! Let me tell you I am thrilled with them. They are absolutely beautiful. A piece of furniture that compliments my bedroom. "The Boyz" (Yankee and Basil) took to them immediately. As a matter of fact throughout the day yesterday they took their toys up on the bed to play. Only one problem...they are trying to tear apart the throw pillows and my little stuffed animal that is on the bed for decoration only, my solution...stop making the bed...LOL! Thanks again Judy!
We received the Pet Steps on Thursday. They are beautiful! Lachlan can already go up and down like a champ. Maisie can go up, but is a little timid about going down, so we will work on that in the next couple of weeks. Thank you so much! Marisa
Hi Judy - Yes the pet steps arrived and I think they are beautiful. The color is perfect in my bedroom, so rich looking. I was gone when they arrived but luckily my contractor was here working. He took them into the bedroom and opened up the packaging and even recycled the box for me!. He has bought the brass handles and will get them on next time he is here.
I can get Reggie to go up by using treats and some encouragement. (The others he wouldn't go up at all anymore, even with treats) Coming down is no problem. I am hoping with time he will come up on his own when he is more used to the steps
I have been taking him weekly for acupuncture and massage and that is helping. Also have some non slip socks for his back feet for inside.
Thank you for working with me on these steps. Otherwise, I would have had to put a mattress on the floor and slept with him there!
Thank you again for the personal and prompt service.