Upholstered Pet Steps for dogs and cats

DO NOT SETTLE FOR SLIPCOVERED FOAM PET STEPS FOR YOUR DOG OR CAT!! We manufacture 19 different sizes of wooden upholstered pet steps. Our dog stairs are made of wood, covered with foam and upholstered. We have been diligent in designing dimensions to fit your pet's size. Just check out our Happy Customer page or, Customer Comments page. 

left: a 4 step Dog Stairs for medium and large dogs. This model is 32 inches high. The customer requested a cherry chair rail. Our woodworkers provided a beautiful 9" (on the top step) custom chair rail. (listed under Custom Orders)

Read our "Happy Customer" pages. We guarantee your pet's satisfaction, or your money back

PHOTO ON Right is a 3 STEP ANNIE DOG STAIRS for large dogs. It is a 24 inches high dog stairs for beds for large dogs.This model enables older dogs to climb onto beds that are 24 to 32 inches high.

listed (on the left) FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE DOGS.

7 step dog stairs, for high beds, is 28 inches high x 16 inches wide x 32 inches long. Dog steps for bed

listed , on the left, under Pet Steps for Toy Dogs.

Why not beautiful upholstered dog steps for bed, to compliment your new bedroom!!! Questions? email us:

SCHOTZIE PET STEPS Don't be fooled by copycats! It's a Schotzie.  It's upholstered!! Often imitated, never duplicated!


What sets us apart, from the others, is quality and durability. Our Schotzie Pet stairs will last for years of wear! We don't tolerate wrinkles!

Schotzie Pet Steps: always a step above the competition!! We go where others fear to tread!!!!

Short or Tall we build them all! Miss C is resting on the platform top step of one of our Double Double models. It is 36 inches high x 72 inches long. The top is 16 inches deep and 16 inches long.

In the front is one of the smallest that we have ever made.It is for the outside porch, for a very small dog, to use the doggie door. We made a one step, just 4 inches high, for the inside step.

We upholster our Dog and Cat Furniture to the same high standards as our antique furniture. 25 years experience! The quality you can expect from a Schotzie Pet Step

This model is a new addition to our 20 models that we offer. It is an 8 step 32 inches high pet stairs for 3 adorable Biewer Yorkies dogs

The customer chose a dark brown and white small check upholstery, which blended with the bed, and dark brown flooring,



4 Step Pet Steps that are 24inches high x12 inches wide,33 inches long. This model has a 12 x 12 inch platform top. The customer provided the material that is actually a Maya Romanoff vinyl wall paper. Our company, Schotzie Pet Steps, has always thought outside the box. We have been innovators in designing our pet steps to fit our customers needs for their pets.






This is a 6 step Dog Stairs that is 30 inches high x 12 inches wide and 36 inches long. It works well for small dogs and cats, as well as teacups and toy dogs to climb tall beds. s

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This Schotzie pet steps model is 24 inches high and 16 inches wide. This pet step model will help small dogs and cats to climb onto beds that are 24 inches high to 30 inches high

The upholstery fabric is a William Wegman Polka Dog pattern that is a Crypton product. The Crypton is waterproof. A great choice for older dogs that might have an accident on occasion.


Custom design pet stairs for dogs and cats. You can order from our standard inventory of pet steps, or, you can contact us, and we will work with you to find the perfect size for your pet's needs.

The dog stairs for high beds is a 4 step 24 inches high x 12 inches wide x 33 inches long. It has a 12 x 12 inch platform top step .

It is listed (on the left) under Pet Steps for Small Dogs

Dog steps should fit your dog's body. Your dog or cat should not have to skip steps to climb up to bed.

Expect quality from Schotzie Pet Steps. 25 years experience in upholstering furniture.

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Our customers' feedback has been 99-3/4% positive, since we began building, our Pet Steps in 2003. In fact we have never received a bad review. Our team,at Schotzie PetSteps, takes great pride in the products that we produce.